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Few things on TV make me literally fall off my chair, but Debbie Reynolds on the Feb. 15, 2011 OPRAH show gave us all a hilariously wry post-Valentine’s Day gift, reminiscing about ex-husband Eddie Fisher

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That oh-so sweet and innocent, Peter Pan collar-wearing Tammy movie image Reynolds was always shackled with belied the very salty dame who lurked beneath all that bland niceness. Like that other showbiz avatar of wholesomeness, Florence “BRADY BUNCH” Henderson, Reynolds positively delights in sending it all up, as when, years ago, on another talk show, she recounted an excruciatingly slow, sentimental story Jimmy Stewart once told her on the set of HOW THE WEST OF WON about some old hound dog which ended with an impersonation of said canine, with Reynolds’ letting a long string of on-air saliva dribble from her lips.

That was probably the only other time I ever fell off my chair watching the tube and wonder if anyone else out there remembers that moment and which show it was?

Here’s Debbie again, younger but just as full of spunk, on the set of her 1954 film ATHENA

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