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I don’t care how many homeless gay youths he’s meeting with. This hapless idiot who, even when not spouting the vilest homophobic hatred, has done nothing but perpetuate the worst, most negative, stupid and embarassing stereotype of his own race for years.

Now say bye-bye.

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Yeah, I finally saw it and even got to talk to T.V. Carpio, the actress who plays the controversial role of Spider Goddess, Arachne.

Read it (and also my fun encounter with delightful Ana Gasteyer) here


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Nikki M. James is the Cinderella story of the Broadway season, especially after winning the Tony Award. It was wonderful to witness her lightning trajectory to triumph this entire awards season. At early events, like the Drama Critics Circle Awards and New Dramatists lunch, she was just hangin’, completely accessible and utterly delightful in her realness and voluble enthusiasm. And didn’t you love her Tony speech-despite being a newbie to all this, there was no way girlfriend was going to be cut short by any pesky orchestral interruption. She handled it with a a graceful aplomb and fierce attitude even a veteran like Elaine Stritch (who could forget ‘PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT ME???”) could well learn from.

I copped an interview with her in GAY CITY NEWS, to read it click here