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And the Oscar for this category goes to , winner of Best Original Score for THE ARTIST. He also won a Golden Globe and in both of his acceptance speeches neglected to mention the name Bernard Herrman, the composer of VERTIGO. He shamelessly used the famous theme of that Hitchcock film throughout THE ARTIST.  I was at the capacity-filled first NY Film Festival press screening of the movie and the minute that theme came on, all I saw were people turning to their neighbor, whispering, “VERTIGO.”

The mere fact that Bourse’s score was even considered for this ORIGINAL category merely proves that both the Golden Globes and the Oscars are artistically meaningless, and Bourse’s overweening ego and entitlement beyond the pale. He has said that his theft was an “homage,” but, of course, VERTIGO star Kim Novak violently begged to differ in a full page ad she took out in Variety.


Kim Novak, raped

Who the hell cares though, right? Harvey Weinstein could probably convince Academy voters that the world is flat.

BTW, the French word for asswipe is “conass.”


The VOICE, Stilled

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at the very beginning…

So, at this point, you all must have “And I Will Always Love You” stamped endlessly, maddeningly, on your brain, not to mention “The Greatest Love of All,” or even her “Star Spangled Banner.” Whitney Houston, of course, did indeed have one of the world’s great voices, but, so often so much of her music tended towards anthemic bombast.

The one recording of hers which gives me infinite pleasure is her perfectly lovely, easy-breezy cover of the the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You,” which you can enjoy here and remember, and revel in, all that youthful womanly vocal perfection.


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The great portrait by Gerald Brockhurst

Read my recent interview with Madonna here


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I had the extraordinary privilege of interviewing the great Petula Clark and wanted to share it here