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Written, composed and performed by AJ Holmes, a solid Broadway actor who was in Book of Mormon for five years, his solo show, YEAH BUT NOT RIGHT NOW, at the Soho Playhouse, is an often brilliant reveal of himself as a love-starved musical wunderkind from birth, practically, in a musical-loving home, and a sometimes unmitigated asshole, as well, like all of us have been, at one time or another, if we are being honest with ourselves.

To describe this show as narcissistic would be like calling the Pope sorta religious, but fear not: Holmes’ bright, melodic songs, all of which more or less center around his personal angst help make his self-analytical medicine go down, in a truly most delightful way. I found myself humming his “I’m That Guy,” amidst the happy audience, leaving the theater. That had not happened with any new show music since hearing Dear Evan Hanson’s “Waving in a Window,” and I cannot remember when before that. And such is Holmes’ delicious fecundity, that unlike that show, this show is no one song wonder, for nearly everything he writes seems to have a rock-solid, utterly pleasurable hook that stays with you, made all the more impressive by his infinitly expressive vocals, which can soar with operatic resonance, drolly mince out patter with pointed wit or leave you breathless from the ardor of the unmistakabe tone of a lover. His superior kind of sound and fury are matched by his jaw-dropping musicality. Seated center stage at the keyboard, his swiftly flying fingers make it seem an entire, very rich and full orchestra. And then he literally almost becomes one of those, as well, through his effective virtuosity on swiftly snatched guitar, various percussion elements, and smooth-ass technology that enables him to be his own backup and vocal counterpoint.

His insane vocal, instrumental and technical range, seamlessly blending as they do, might still impress as merely a delightful entertainment, instead of an electifying one, were it missing just one more element that lifts this externally small and modest show and, indeed anyone watching it, into the realm of musical comedy heaven. That would be his diabolically good comic timing which is essential to putting over some of his spoken-word diciest and darkest passages between the songs, which I confess were highly relatable.

“I WISH someone would fuck my Mom” made me personally howl, for one thing.

You had to be there. So GO! AJ Holmes is madly talented.

And now I know exactly what Darren Criss meant in the quote used for his publicity.



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Of all the prominent jolie laide actresses – Rossy de Palma, Yootha Joyce, Judith Anderson, Flora Robson, Ruth Gordon – who have graced the screen, large or small – the absolute Queen of them all has to be Sarah Jessica Parker. Not only has she managed to convince international audiences, huge beauty product conglomerates, the fashion world and almost every gay man on the planet that she is an absolute icon of beauty, glamour and uber-chic style in front of or away from the camera, she has also most enviably managed to commingle with some of the hottest men on the planet for the last 23 years on her show Sex and the City.

From Daniel Sunjata to Ron Livingston to John Corbett to Mikhail Baryshnikov to Chris Noth to Craig Bierko to Jon Bon Jovie to David Duchovney to John Slattery to Bradley Cooper to Bill Sage to Vince Vaughn to Timothy Olyphant to Justin Theroux, she has rocked ’em all. But she may have outdone even herself with the boys – at least on a visual level – in the movie sequel she’s currently filming, AND JUST LIKE THAT, right on her very doorstep as my Village eighbor on Charles Street.

Hope this doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.