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It’s a brand new year, a brand new President, hopefully a brand new America and – yes – a brand new blog. We need another one like the return of smallpox, I know, but I promise you that this one will be unique, bringing fresh insight and singular good taste, as well as an always distinctive coverage of my world, as I perceive it. I hope to debunk the overrated, celebrate the worthwhile (which so often gets passed over in this age of never-ending hype and clonelike critical mentality) and clue my readers in to everything that enriches and absolutely nothing which either bores or insults. 

This blog can also be viewed as a consumer guide. With movie prices edging towards $20 and Broadway tickets well over $100 for even semi-decent seats, in this economy especially, getting culturally ripped off is a clear and ever-present danger and I hope I will be able to guide you into the light instead of the darkness. And, glory be, in metropolises everywhere – even Manhattan – there are actually free and quite wonderful things to do, to which I hope to alert my readers. Elitism be damned will be a constant theme here.

Gossip? Certainly! Who am I to deny a tradition most artfully practiced by Marcel Proust, even if the Hoppers, Parsons and Hiltons who came after him blab in a slightly less elevated fashion? One thing is certain, however: No Phoney Filth Spilt Here.

Besides verbal interest, there will much to discover visually as well, although this shall never take precedence over the written word, as has insidiously, detrimentally happened all over the mainstream media. I am in possession of one of the world’s largest private archives of photographs dating back to their invention and these I am more than happy to share.  

Welcome to my world, one in which the standards of elegance, wit and heart are upheld and anything shoddy is strictly de trops…in other words,