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What with yet more winter storms coming our way, this sexy Frank Loesser classic, which was featured in the film NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER and won the Oscar for Best Song in 1949, has been running non-stop through my brain, especially after the charming treatment it got on that GLEE episode with Chris Colfer and uber-talented Darren Criss

click here

The song is possibly the most covered duet in record history, performed by such couples as Ricardo Montalban & Esther Williams, as well as Red Skelton & Betty Garrett, in NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER, Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer, Pearl Bailey & Hot Lips Page, Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton, Ray Charles & Betty Carter, Barry Manilow & K.T. Oslin, Robert Palmer & Carnie Wilson, Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRae, Ray Charles & Dionne Warwick, Bette Midler & James Caan (in the film FOR THE BOYS), Natalie Cole & James Taylor, Willie Nelson & Norah Jones, Dolly Parton & Rod Stewart, Ann-Marget & Al Hirt, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey (God help us), Rod McKuen & Petula Clark, Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone (for the film ELF), and even Miss Piggy & Rudolf Nuryev in a steam bath on THE MUPPET SHOW.

Possibly the most unforgettable version was sung by Mae West and Rock Hudson (who loved nothing more than musically camping it up) on the 1957 Oscar telecast, which must driven the censors crazy (especially when Hudson offers her a cigarette, ad-libbing “King size!” while she responds with one of her patented “Ow!”‘s).

in rehearsal

for the live performance, click here

Hang in there: warmer days are on the way, and, apropos of nothing, really, save my love for Nuryev, here’s a very “happy” shot of him with Tab Hunter

and, if that didn’t rouse you enough, here’s another sizzling Darren Criss moment on GLEE, which completely made Superbowl Sunday for moi

click here

and, lest anyone out there think I’m some kind of full-on unregenerated Gleek: no, I like the show with reservations, often finding one divine moment like the one above, only to be followed by another tiresome Sue Sylvester evil rant (and what’s with that little helper, anyway?) or way-overloaded p.c. appeal (the coming together of jocks & nerds over “Thriller” was a little much) or Matt Morrison just being too too for words, etc.

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