Shouldn’t She Give It a Rest Already?

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These days, Christina is grateful that her story is reaching new audiences through platforms that did not exist when she first started to write.

“It is thrilling that Mommie Dearest is now an ebook…I wanted to make sure that each new generation of readers would be able to access the original work,” she said. “Now, there is a new generation of readers who use social media and ebooks as their means of information gathering. Welcome!”

Christina Crawford – facebook

Another thing the author is thankful for is one of her upcoming projects, a two-act musical adaptation of Mommie Dearest, which is currently in its planning stages.

Christina shared some of the details with Open Road Books, “Since I began my career as an actress, my first love was the theater; it is a joy to see this work come alive. Now we are working on the next stage of development, which leads to actual production. There are various steps to climb, including finding a lead producer and funding, but we believe it will happen.”

Christina is also working on the final installment of her memoir series.

“The final book will begin with leaving my home state of California in the early 1990s, traveling briefly to Maryland and Washington DC, and then spending 20 years in beautiful rural north Idaho,” Christina explained.

She did not confirm when the book will be released, but she encourages fans to stay tuned.

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