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On the eve of what will be the most radically different Oscar presentation ever, as well as an historical one, in terms of diversity among winners, here is an interview with sure-shot victor, Korean director/writer Lee Isaac Chung (pictured above, with his exultant daughter when his Golden Globe win was announced), about his deeply human and affecting film. His moving, funny account of a Korean family transplanted to a farm in Arkansas has a quiet radiance embuing its every frame (magnificent cinematography by Australian Lachlan Milne) which evokes Jean Renoir’s The Southerner.


click below for the interview

happy birthday Shirley Maclaine!

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To see What a Way to Go! as a kid at the Kuhio Theater was a definite experience, with its over the top wardrobe for Shirley Maclaine by Edith Head and the titillating image of her “naked” with Dean Martin in a gigantic champagne glass which served as their bed. I remember thinking how dirty it was- weird adult stuff – and how glad I was to be a kid.

Sidney Guilaroff at left also had a field day with the star.

Senate overwhelmingly passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill

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The woman pictured above was one of the Atlanta murder victims.

The dingleberry in the cheap ugly suit you see below, in a photo which should have ended his political career, displaying his mentally challenged support for the Capitol insurgents on that black day in American history, is Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, the one dissenting voter against this bill’s passing. No surprise, really, as he is a hateful, racist, dishonest, Trump-following pile of steaming ordure.

In the matter of the 2017 death of a black man, Tory Sanders, who had run out of gas and taken a wrong turn in Missouri and somehow ended up, arrested for no reason and then dead in his jail cell, from cardiac arrest after repeated physical and mental abuse, then Attorney General Hawley decided not to file any murder charges. His reasoning was that Sanders’ attackers had not intended his death, the cause of which was given the bogus term “excited delirium.”

Zendaya’s Yves Saint Laurent Homage to Eunice Johnson

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The Ever-Fierce Debi Mazar

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An uber-stylish, fun, down-to-earth/REAL, specifically New York and indefatigably cool presence in the world from the 1970s, on….a COVID survivor, as well.

here’s a fun interview with her about her enduringly divine sense of style:


It is 2021 and a Straight Actor will Play Halston

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Ewan McGregor as Halston

Ryan Murphy, what the fuck is your problem (besides your cheap tabloid taste in picking projects for your enviably carte blanche career; all envy stopping at their execution)? I do not want to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson portraying John Wayne and I definitely do not want to see a hetero British mediocrity with an expired shelf life playing this influential, important fashion designer. Wasn’t Daniel Day Lewis as “Charles James” enough, already? Christ!

Easy prediction: this show will be rife with club scenes filled with cocaine, drag queens and male hustlers having hysterics and very, very short on Halston’s creative process or his contribution to the history of fashion.

However, if the role of Disco Sally hasn’t been cast, Linda Hunt would be ideal….

here’s the full cast from imdb

The Dominican, openly bisexual model Dilone has been cast as catwalk queen Pat Cleveland.

am surprised and delighted however to see my friend Brian Belovitch is playing Jack Haley Jr.!

Series Cast  

Rory Culkin Joel Shumacher / …5 episodes, 2021 
Rebecca Dayan Elsa Peretti5 episodes, 2021 
Sullivan Jones Ed Austin5 episodes, 2021 
Ewan McGregor Halston5 episodes, 2021 
Mary Beth Peil Marta Cunningham5 episodes, 2021 
Gian Franco Rodriguez Victor Hugo5 episodes, 2021 
Krysta Rodriguez Liza Minnelli5 episodes, 2021 
Molly Jobe Sassy Johnson4 episodes, 2021 
Deya Danielle Drake Hallie Mae3 episodes, 2021 
Eric T. Miller James3 episodes, 2021 
Maxim Swinton Young Roy / …3 episodes, 2021 
Juri Henley-Cohn Nick Lewin2 episodes, 2021 
Shannan Wilson Bobbi Mahoney2 episodes, 2021 
Diana Berry Betty Ford1 episode, 2021 
Bill Coelius Bartender1 episode, 2021 
Amy Dannenmueller Mira1 episode, 2021 
Dilone Pat Cleveland1 episode, 2021 
Eddie Gattalin Telephone Repairman1 episode, 2021 
Alicia Harding Real Estate Broker1 episode, 2021 
Andrew Haserlat Another Man1 episode, 2021 
Jacqueline Honulik Model1 episode, 2021 
Luke Lerma Chauffeur1 episode, 2021 
Kelly Lester Saleswoman1 episode, 2021 
Eden Malyn Susan1 episode, 2021 
Andrew Elvis Miller Angelo Donghia1 episode, 2021 
George Olesky Man1 episode, 2021 
Eli Perdew Marc Benecke1 episode, 2021 
John Petrizzi Prince Rainier of Monaco1 episode, 2021 
David Pittu Joe Eula1 episode, 2021 
Rachel Ravel Shopgirl1 episode, 2021 
James Riordan Henry Bissett1 episode, 2021 
Regina Schneider Babe Paley1 episode, 2021 
Conrad Solaka Coked Out Guy1 episode, 2021 
Matt Walton Jeff walkin1 episode, 2021 
Simonas Zmuidzinas Theater Patron1 episode, 2021 
Rob Christie Divine (uncredited)unknown episodes 
George Aloi Sleeping Dignitary (uncredited)unknown episodes 
Agnes Artych Model (uncredited)unknown episodes 
Brian Belovitch Jack Haley Sr. (uncredited)unknown episodes 
Rachella Kingswijk Josephine Baker (uncredited)unknown episodes 
Bob Leszczak Dancer in Drag (uncredited)unknown episodes 
David Negri bar patron / … (uncredited)unknown episodes 


happy birthday Simone Simon

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most Frenchly feline of stars

happy birthday Lee Miller

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world class timeless beauty, model, muse to the great, photographer


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what exactly did she learn at MGM’s Little Red Schoolhouse?

Supermodel Turns 50

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