Cabin Fever Film Festival: “The Revolt of Mamie Stover” (1958)

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This is one of two favorite Jane Russell films – the other being “His Kind of Woman,” the perfect mach-up for her and the equally brawny, large-chested, sleepy-eyed and sultry Robert Mitchum.

Besides being about a favorite movie subject – working girls, it was filmed on location in Hawaii at a time I can still recall, when I was just making my hello to the world, growing up a child in Waikiki when the hotels were fewer and half of it was the seamy, “dangerous” The Jungle, comprised of dingy old wooden houses containing seedy sunbaked tourists who never left, hippies and God-knows-what-all worse – it always seemed to be a dusky twilight there, no matter what hour of the day. And I adore seeing all the old Kodachrome-vivid locations, like the Moana Hotel lanai bar, country club golf courses,  genteel Tantalus kamaaina homes and bustling, pungent downtown Honolulu.

Tough, misunderstood and thwarted Jane’s leading man this go-round was Richard Egan, of the flame-throwing nostrils, whose basic presence was interchangeable with Jack Palance and Jeff Chandler at the time,  and her eye-on-the-dollar boss is gloriously played by a platinum blonde probable Sapphic Agnes Moorehead, who, when her disgruntled twerp of a bouncer gets fired, tries to come for her with “You’re nothing but an ugly old -” but is cut off by her hissing “DON’T SAY IT!”


watch here:

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