Happy Birthday, Taina Elg!

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2020 at 6:44 am
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Yes, heartiest 90th birthday wishes to a truly lovely and warm lady, Taina Elg, who gave me one of the most charming and real interviews ever.
This dancer/actress, Finnish and six feet tall, once with the Marquis de Cuevas troupe, was enchanting in George Cukor’s ultra-stylish underrated musical, LES GIRLS, and this was the best song in the score. Note note George von Hoyningen-Huene’s striking color design.
I interviewed Mitzi Gaynor, Elg’s LES GIRLS co-star, whom Cukor had not really wanted for the film, and she said, “but I was already signed with Gene Kelly, so he had to take me. He wanted to give somebody a hard time, but it couldn’t be me, because I was a Hungarian pain the ass, just like him, and I’d sock him. It couldn’t be Gene Kelly, because Gene would just roll his eyes and say, “Oh, get over yourself, Mary!” And it couldn’t be Kay Kendall, because she was going with Rex Harrison at the time – excuse me! So, poor Taina Elg got it – he’d slap her hand and say, “You silly girl!” But Taina was Nordic and very cool and she’d just say, “Oh, George….”

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