Happy Birthday, Edmund Lowe!

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2020 at 4:09 pm

A silent movie star, who segued into character roles in the talkies, your personal life was more interesting than any performance you ever gave. As Lilyan Tashman, your first wife, was noted to be the chicest women in Hollywood (with the best figure, according to Cecil Beaton), you exuded some pretty serious style yourself, rivaling Adolphe Menjou as Hollywood’s most dapper toff. You shared a Beverly Hills home with her on Linden Drive in what was rumored to be a mariage blanc, as she was a noted, rather aggressive lesbian about whom it was warned, a lady NEVER accompanied her to the powder room.  But the fun really happened at your cunning red and white beach house in Santa Monica, decorated by your pal William Haines. After Tash’s tragic early 1934 demise from cancer – perhaps brought on by a lifelong habit of bulimia to stay thin for those bias -cut satins – you were desperate to marry Marian Marsh but settled down with pushy careerist Rita Kauffman, the  Fox costume designer who stole the job away from my friend Earl Luick in 1933.


A favorite of Cukor’s, as was Lil, you appeared in his DINNER AT 8 (1933) and then, years later in HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS (1958), with another old Cukor crony, Ramon Novarro.

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