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Brenda Blethyn and Niall Buggy give unforgettable performances in Edna O’Brien’s HAUNTED (Keenan/AP)

That is what Noel Coward rapturously declared after watching the opening night performance of Enid Bagnold’s lingual feast, THE CHALK GARDEN in 1955, and that is how I fely after seeing Edna O’Brien’s HAUNTED playing at 59E59 Theaters until January 2. Do yourself a favor and catch this rare, captivating theatrical treat, brilliantly acted by Brenda Blethyn, Niall Buggy and Beth Cook.

Especially after seeing something like the far more critically understood but seriously overrated THREE PIANOS, which is so very much of this particular typically slacker-ish, ironically removed and verbally impoverished time, HAUNTED has, indeed, continued to haunt me in the days since experiencing it, for the opulent wonder of its words and ecstatically unabashed romantic passion.

I had the great joy of recently spending an hour chatting with playwright and principals, an hour which, in its refulgent shared affection and riveting cultural discourse, felt as warm as if we’d all been sitting before the most welcomingly cosy and brilliant hearth, although, in truth, the interview was conducted at a stark white 59E59 table beneath even starker fluorescent lights.

Read it in GAY CITY NEWS here

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