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Marge Champion and Donald Saddler (photo by Rachelle J. Hruska)

At the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s EYE ON DANCE January 29 screening of KEEP DANCING, the charming little doc about dance veterans Marge Champion and Donald Saddler, directed by Gregory Vander Veer and Douglas Turnbaugh, Turnbaugh was fuming over high society queen Anne Bass. Her film, DANCING ACROSS BORDERS, was being shown after KEEP DANCING, but, according to Turnbaugh, she had “shanghai’ed” the entire evening, forcing him to have his post-screening reception BEFORE the movie instead of after, as she needed that time to transform the Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery, normally used as the party space, into an environ posh enough to suit her invite-only audience (evidently she’d bought up all the tickets for an event that was supposedl open to the public).

Douglas Turnbaugh

KEEP DANCING’s sold-out crowd, which included lifelong friends and fans of Champion and Saddler, who was also celebrating his 90th birthday, including TCM’s Robert Osborne, dancer/author Sondra Lee, dancer/choreographer John Ollom, the artist Colette, Rialto vet Harry Haun and others, were forced to uncomfortabl cram like sardines into the tiny lobby of the Walter Reade Theater. “It’s so robber baron,” sniffed Turnbaugh, glancing at the screens which had been put up to shield our eyes from the “top secret” renovations being done in the gallery, “we should just storm those barricades!”


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